fivestars1I was in the military and had my first Physical Training test, post baby, coming up and I needed to be ready for it. I knew the chances of me getting there on my own were slim, so I decided to train with Charles. We decided what our goals were and from day one set off to achieving them. He pushed me in a way I never would have been able to do myself and I exercised harder than I ever have before, even being in the military. Not only did we reach our goals, but I got results I never would have imagined. I got in great cardio shape, lost weight and inches, and I felt fantastic. If you want to succeed with your fitness goals, the best decision you can make to getting there is letting Charles train you.”

– Corrin Downie, CTI2 United States Navy


” After three years of long days filled with class, papers, and exams I noticed that I was eating poorly, not exercising, and that my weight had gone up significantly as a result. With my busy schedule I felt that I needed to be held accountable for working out and eating right, so I decided to hire a trainer. A friend of mine recommended Charles, and I’m so glad she did. He gave me exactly the kind of accountability I needed, even going so far as to call or text me on days we didn’t have a session scheduled to make sure I was eating well and staying active. He really cared about helping me achieve my goals, and it showed in how he motivated me during and between sessions. I highly recommend Charles to anyone wanting to get lose weight and get into shape.”

-Katie Silverton, Student


Charles is GREAT! Not only does he motivate me enough to get me doing that one more rep, but he makes it enjoyable by constantly incorporating new and more challenging exercises into the mix. I’ve had a couple personal trainers in the past, but none put forth the effort to call me to make sure I was doing my cardio and eating right even on days I wasn’t training with him. His true concern for my success provided me with the accountability I needed to shed fat and gain lean muscle mass. Because of him I can actually feel comfortable taking off my shirt when I go to the beach. If you’re looking for results, he’ll get them for you!

-Keith O’Brian, Systems Analyst

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