Count Your Way to Weight Loss!


Count Your Way to Weight Loss

By: Charles Vosough

It seems like just about every day a new fad diet arises. Low-Carb, Low-Fat, Zone, juice diets, and many more are out there confusing the average dieter. How is it that all of these diets with vastly different and even contrasting nutritional theories can affect significant weight loss in their followers?

It all boils down to CALORIES!

               It’s simple science really. Each person has a daily caloric need in order to maintain their current body weight. In order for weight loss to be achieved one must consume less calories than is required by their body for all of its daily activity. This is non-negotiable!

 Some might ask, “Well what if I work out three times a day?” Well the answer to that frankly is “It doesn’t matter.”

Exercising is great, and a VITAL part to HEALTHY weight loss, but even if you work out all the time you still have to watch how much you eat. Say you figure out that your body burns 2500 calories a day including your workout (I will show you how to find this out in a bit). That means you have to take in less than 2500 calories per day to start losing weight. How much less is up to you, but it should be done gradually. Your trainer/dietician can help you devise the best way to go about this.

So how do you figure out your “magic number”? It’s called Cunningham’s Equation, and an easy to use calculator for it can be found here:

Now, while this is a great way to go about finding your daily caloric requirements keep in mind that it can’t take into account one’s personal genetics, but if you answer the questions truthfully most will find it to be accurate.

Ok, well now you have your number. The only thing left to do is … *Queue ominous sound effect* COUNT CALORIES! I know it’s tedious, no one actually likes doing it, but for most people who are looking to lose weight it’s the easiest and most efficient way to do it. Nowadays with the internet, and more and more restaurants and fast food chains displaying nutritional information for the consumer, counting calories is easier than ever for those concerned about their health. The only question you have to ask yourself is “Is that beach body I want worth me doing some simple arithmetic?”


  • Try to mark down your calories each time you eat, it’s hard to remember everything after a long day
  • Apps/Websites like MyFitnessPal and FitDay make counting much easier, and records your information for future viewing
  • If you don’t have access to the internet, an easy and paper free way to track your calories is by starting a text message/document on your phone


TAKE ADVANTAGE of all this at your disposal, and take back control of your health and your body by counting your way to weight loss!

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